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No credit card or commitment required

Our on-demand, online learning format saves you time. No more waiting for classes or for a training partner. And you can watch these lessons as many times as you want to review and hone your skills.

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Be a part of the most explosive sport in the world

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Learn the proper way to punch, kick, counter strike, change levels, shoot, sprawl, counter wrestle, clinch game, dirty box, suplex, ground and pound, and more!

This knowledge has been used to win championships and PPV matches world wide at the UFC’s highest level

Starting out in MMA can be like one big puzzle. Maybe you’re asking important questions like:

“What’s the most effective stance to adopt?”

“Which punches should I use (and how do I throw them)?”

“What kind of kicks?”

“What’s the best way to take someone down—and keep them down?

Unfortunately, there are so many wrong teachings out there.

Learning MMA the WRONG way can not only hurt your game, but also cause you to develop bad habits.

And learning bad habits means you’ll need to unlearn those same bad habits before you can properly correct your skills.

All of this can delay your progress—and your victories—in your fights ahead.

Don’t let this happen to you.

At this early and critical developmental stage of your game, what you need is clear, straightforward instruction on the right way to master the basics.

One that wipes away all confusion entirely…

Taking you by the hand and laying out the basics in a logical, easy-to-understand fashion…

And visually breaking down each move for you to understand, practice and then master on your own.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could come away from such a program feeling completely confident in having mastered the basics, and knowing you’re fully ready to advance to the next level?

Knowing that you’re one big step closer to fulfilling your dream as an MMA fighter?

That’s why I want to share with you an exclusive training program that’ll teach you everything you need to know to master MMA basics.

It’s called “Insane MMA.”

No credit card or commitment required

Insane MMA is a comprehensive 10-part instructional video series that leads you through all the important basic moves you need to master to step up your fighting game.

You get no-frills, straightforward instructions that take you right to the heart of each move immediately.

I’ll bring you into my training gym and lead you through each lessons, including:

Mastering Your Stance

  • How to blend the best techniques of different fighting style for the most effective MMA stance
  • Where to locate your feet, hands and arms for maximum maneuverability
  • The correct position to be in to meet any shot coming your way with either a sprawl or a counter

Striking: The Standard Jab

  • The correct “stay-in-your-house” punching form
  • The big mistake most amateurs make with hand placement
  • How to position your feet, hands, shoulders and chin for a properly formed punch

Striking: The Cross

  • The form to take for maximum extension and power
  • How to keep your weight balanced
  • An easy way to throw an attack while also positioning yourself to block any oncoming blows

Striking: The Hook

  • A little secret to getting extra power out of your hook
  • The “crab arm” technique
  • Critical hand/fist positioning when striking (so you avoid “boxer fractures”)
  • How to properly transfer your body weight to add power behind your hook

Striking: The Uppercut

  • The right (and wrong) direction to point your opposite shoulder for more power
  • How to avoid getting caught delivering your uppercut and having it blocked

Dependable Kicks: Push Kick

  • How to properly protect your feet when effectively executing the push kick
  • What not to do to avoid getting your back leg swept
  • Setting yourself up for defensive push kicks offensive push kicks
  • Using offensive push kicks for knockouts or knockdowns

Dependable Kicks: Round Kick

  • “Position stepping” – What to do when somebody tries to shoot on you and run you into the ground
  • How to quickly fold your opponent’s leg and score points (rather than be scored upon)

And that’s not even the first half of the program. There’s LOADS more, including:

Checks and Counters (4 different types)

How to Close Gaps Effectively

Taking Down Your Opponent

Receiving Shots

Passing the Guard

Plus, at the end of each section, you can test your learning with a short quick to make sure you fully got the concepts. You can go back and watch these videos again and again at your own pace.

No credit card or commitment required

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If at anytime within 60 days you don’t feel it was worth the money or you’re not thrilled with how Insane MMA lays out basic MMA fighting for you, I’ll immediately give you a full refund and you can keep the entire training for free.

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You’re one click away from turning your MMA passion into something far greater. Let me help you master all the MMA fundamentals today.

Who is Justin “The Insane One” McCully?

UFC veteran and MMA champion and President of MIDPAC

Justin’s a 20-year legend in MMA, fighting his way to an impressive 11-5-2 record. He’s trained and coached Hall of Fame stars to some of the biggest fights in MMA history — including Tito Ortiz vs. Ken Shamrock and BJ Penn vs. Matt Hughes. Seriously, don’t f#@$ with Justin. He’s won multiple USF BJJ championships, a World Vale Tudo Championship, and was Pancrase Neo Blood Runner-Up in Japan. Justin McCully, has been in the game of MMA since just after the inception of the sport. Fighting world wide since the 90’s. Justin has a winning record inside the circle, on the mat, and boasts one of the best records as a PPV level coach in the UFC. Coming from over 20 years of world wide experience, in action training, competing, and coaching some of the worlds best ever. Justin has put great thought into detailing this course to accommodate the level of a brand new amateur and advanced professional level combatant while creating the “Insane MMA vol. 1” program, compiling the proper set of moves that can be used in succession for victory. So… yes, you will improve your MMA game after completing this invaluable course! Take the opportunity to gain knowledge you can only get from “The Insane One” Justin McCully!

No credit card or commitment required